Pro-LifT T-5335A 350-Lb Riding Mower Lift

By Mike / 6 months ago
Pro-LifT T-5335A 350-Lb Riding Mower Lift

Product Features

  • Hex Nut Lift safety lock for safely supporting the load
  • Hex Nut Rubber padded platform to prevent scratching and to protect your mower
  • Hex Nut Non-slip foot pedal pump allows effortless lifting the load
  • Hex Nut Lift is easy to maneuver and is adjustable for a wide variety of riding mowers and ZTRs
Price: $101.05
(as of 07/08/2020 09:00 UTC - Details)

Product Description

Pro-Lift T-5335a lawn mower jack can lift up to 350 lbs. Plus it gives you the room and stability to work safely on your riding lawn mower. Lift up your mower in just 3 easy steps.


Lift has the ability to lift mower front 23 inches from ground to wheel saddle, which gives you the maximum space needed to perform necessary mower maintenance.


Pro-Lift T-5335a is built with welded solid steel construction that includes 4 steel wheels and the positive dual locking safety latches. It also features a hydraulic foot pedal pump operation which gives you the ability to lift up your mower effortless.


When ready to lower the lift, the operator can put the mower in neutral and raise lift platform slightly to disengage height locking levers. Then carefully turn the release valve counter-clockwise, slowly, to lower the load slow and safe.

Pro-Lift Specifications:

  • Capacity: 350-lbs. load
  • Lifting height: 23 inches max
  • Wheel span: 17-1/4 to 49-3/8 inches
  • Single Basket Width: 11.75 inches
  • Item weight: 55-lbs.
  • Automatic Lock: YES
  • Secondary Wheel Pin: YES
  • Full Mobility: YES
  • Operation: Foot Pump Bottle Jack
  • Assemble Required: YES

Pro lift T-5335a lawn mower lift is backed by 1-year from the date of the purchase.

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